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  • Description

    The BNT22 is a BroadBand, GaAs E-pHEMT Amplifier that is ideal for applications demanding high linearity in a wideband of 500-8000 MHz.

    The BNT22 is internally matched to 50 Ohms, and has wideband flat gain performance with gain flatness below 1dB at frequency range of 700 ~ 4000 MHz with one series capacitor.

    DC Input / Output block capacitors are integrated in a chip. It can be used in fast shutdown switching speed for TDLTE & TD-5G NR application. It is available in RoHS2- compliant DFN 8L 2X2 package.

    These devices are 100% DC and RF tested to assure quality and performance.

  • Applications
    • Repeaters
    • Mobile Infrastructure
    • TD-LTE / WCDMA /5G NR / WIFI
    • General Purpose Wireless
  • Device Features
    • Gain = 20.5dB @ 3.5GHz
    • Output P1 dB = 19.5 dBm @ 3.5GHz
    • OIP3 = 34.0dBm @ 3.5GHz • Internally matched to 50 ohms
    • Gain Flatness < ±0.5dB @ 0.7~4GHz
    • Integrated Blocking Capacitors in Amplifier
    • Green/RoHS2 Compliant DFN 8L 2x2 Package
    • Fast shut down to support TDD systems
Title Model No. Datasheets
50 ohm, Board Mounted