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Dual Digital Variable Gain Amplifier


  • Description

    The BVA2182 is a digitally controlled variable gain amplifier (DVGA) in a 7x7mm QFN package, with a broadband frequency range of 0.5GHz to 3.8GHz and an operating VDD of 5.0V at 170mA.

    BVA2182 is high performance and high dynamic range makes it ideally suited for use in WCDMA/LTE wireless infrastructure point-to-point and other demanding wireless applications.

    The BVA2182 is an integration of two high performance digital 6-step attenuator (DSA) that provides a 31.5 dB attenuation range in 0.5 dB steps, and high linearity broadband gain block amplifiers featuring high ACLR and P1.

    The BVA2182 digital control interface supports serial programming of the attenuator, and includes the ability to define the initial attenuation state at power-up.

    The BVA2182 is integrated of two gain blocks (AMP1, AMP2), a digital step attenuator(DSA1,DSA2). Implementation requires only a few external components, such as DC blocking capacitors on the Input and Output pins, plus a bypass capacitor and a RF choke for the Output port. The BVA2182 is composed of Amp1 + DSA1 + DSA2 + Amp2.

    In some case, it can be use with a dual path such as Amp1 + DSA1 and DSA2 + Amp2 .

  • Applications
    • Base station/Repeater Infrastructure
    • LTE/WCDMA/CDMA Wireless infrastructure and other high performance RF application
    • Commercial/Industrial/Military Wireless system
    • General purpose Wireless
  • Device Features
    • 48Pin 7 x 7 x 0.9mm QFN Package
    • Integrates Amp1(Gain Block), DSA1 ,DSA2 Amp2(Gain Block) Functionality
    • Wide Power supply range of +2.7~5.5V(DSA1,2)
    • Single Fixed +5.0V supply (Amp1,2)
    • 0.5-3.8GHz Broadband Performance
    • 33.4dB Gain at 1.9GHz (with 3dB Pad in Application Circuit)
    • 1.6dB Noise Figure at max gain setting at 1.9GHz
    • 21.2dBm P1dB at 1.9GHz
    • 38.2dBm OIP3 at 1.9GHz(5dBm per tone)
    • Attenuation: 0.5 dB steps to 31.5 dB
    • Safe attenuation state transitions
    • Monotonicity: 0.5 dB up to 4 GHz
    • High attenuation accuracy (DSA to Amp) ±(0.15dB + 3% x Atten setting) @ 1.7~2.2GHz
    • 1.8V control logic compatible
    • Programming modes - Serial
    • Unique power-up state selection
    • Two Functions application which are Dual channel Application (Tx-Rx) or Single Channel Application(2stage Amp and 2stage DSA )
    • Lead-free/RoHS2-compliant QFN SMT Package
Title Model No. Datasheets
50 ohm, Board Mounted