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Multiplied Crystal Oscillator


  • Description

    The Multiplied Crystal Oscillator (MXO-PLM) is a fixed frequency industry leading ultra-low noise PLO highly integrated with one or more low noise multiplier stages to create a high performance frequency signal between 200 MHz and 12 GHz. The MXO-PLM also provides good temperature stability (when free-running) and excellent spectral purity. Additional frequency multipliers are used to multiply the external reference up to phase lock at the internal VHF oscillator frequency.

    This allows the PLL loop bandwidth to be set between ~200 and ~300 Hz, and can be configured for optimal performance considering the reference signal provided. The higher loop bandwidth allows the close-in phase noise of the MXO output to be improved if a low noise reference signal is provided. The package varies depending on the number of multiplier stages needed to create the desired frequency and range in size from 4.40” x 4” x 1”, 5.36” x 4” x 1” and 6.31” x 4” x 1”.

    The base VHF oscillator frequency and multiple outputs are available as options. (i.e. If ordering a 10 GHz MXO-PLM, you may also request the 100 MHz, 500 MHz and 5 GHz outputs since they are also being created in the multiplier string.) An internal voltage regulator is provided for excellent power supply line rejection. Please consult the factory if you need any specifications to be modified to better suit your application.

  • Applications
    • Military Applications
    • Radar Systems
    • Test Equipment
    • Instruments
    • Reference Source
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50 ohm SMA