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Ku-band Tx to Ku-band Rx, Test Loop Translator - Fixed LO


  • Description

    Input Frequency Range: 14000 - 14500MHz         Output Frequency Range: 11700 - 12200MHz

    Single Band TLT
    The ALT series of Test Loop Translators are designed to replace the satellite link for test and alignment of earth station systems operating in S, C,  Ku or DBS frequency bands. Incorporating fundamental frequency phase locked oscillators and double balanced mixers, the translators block convert frequencies from uplink to either downlink or L-Band and from L-Band to downlink for instantaneous monitoring of frequency, power levels and modulation. The input path contains a front panel controlled continuously variable attenuator for reducing input power levels. Each unit also provides a reference frequency output and LO lock alarm.

    Multi Band TLT
    Multiple transmit or receive frequency bands can be accommodated within a single Test Loop Translator and these can be selected from a front panel switch.

    1U high x 19" wide rack mount unit.

  • Options


    TLT01 N/A
    TLT02 Input/Output Filters for 60dB Isolation 
    TLT03 LO Filter for 60dB LO Rejection 
    TLT04 Input/Output Isolators for 1.3:1 VSWR
    TLT05 Outdoor Weatherproof Housing -20 to +70C

    TLT07 Auto-Switch External/Internal 10MHz OCXO Reference (Frequency Stability, +/-0.05ppm over 0 to +50C, +/-0.1ppm per year)

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50 ohm SMA
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