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L-band to DBS band Outdoor Upconverter - Fixed LO


  • Description

    L-band 950-1750MHz to DBS band 17300-18100MHz.

    The SUC series of weatherproof Masthead Upconverters, offer a cost effective uplink test signal solution for converting from L Band to all common satcom uplink frequencies.

    All models incorporate fundamental frequency phase locked oscillators and double balanced mixers. The Converters are designed for remote mounting, with DC supplied on the L-Band RF input.

    Designed for Satcom test applications.

    Various mounting options and other options available (see options tab).

  • Options

    01 - Internal OCXO for +/-0.05ppm stability
    02 - Internal amplifier for 0dB (nominal) conversion loss
    03 - Relay closure and monitor socket for remote monitoring
    04 - U Bolts for pole mounting (specify pipe size)
    05 - Bias Tee for the RF source / DC supply
    50 - Custom requirements – please call to discuss

Title Model No. Datasheets
L-band 950-1750MHz to DBS-band 17300-18100MHz Outdoor Upconverter - Fixed LO