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Atlantic Microwave Launches New Test Loop Translator

Atlantic Microwave launches test loop translators for modular chassis system

Manufacturers of Microwave and RF Systems for Satcom testing and measurement, Atlantic Microwave Limited, is launching state-of-the-art Test Loop Translators (TLT) in a modular chassis.

The new TLT modules offer loop-back testing capability in the 1U Genus modular chassis, enabling multiple RF functionalities to be housed within a single compact housing.

Atlantic Microwave has carefully designed the modular chassis so it can be fitted with a combination of hot-swap, field-serviceable modules for ultimate flexibility and reliability, including:

  1. - TLTsgenus
  2. - Noise Generator
  3. - Signal Generator
  4. - RF Over Fibre
  5. - Amplifier
  6. - Frequency Converters

The resilience and flexibility offered by the modular Genus helps operators to future-proof their ground segments, running multiple RF services from within a single chassis. 


Key Product Features

The product is multi-configurable, so it can combine multiple RF and test functions into one habitat. TLT options include C, Ku and Ka-Band, single or dual channel.

The versatile, compact Genus has 17 module slots available; this means it has capacity for 2 TLT modules side by side, or a TLT module run in combination with other RF functions, such as Noise Generators or Signal Generators, which will soon be added to the range.

The product clearly demonstrates reliability and resilience, with all active components within the chassis being either hot swap or field replaceable by the user. The HMI, CPU and dual redundant power supplies are field-replaceable. 

The local control and monitoring of Genus is via HMI high resolution touchscreen and the remote control and monitoring is via RJ45 Ethernet port with SNMP and web browser interface.