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Ku-band Tx to Ku-band Rx, Multi Channel Bench Satellite Simulator System - Synthesised LO


  • Description

    Uplink Frequency Range: 12750 - 14500MHz         Downlink Frequency Range: 10700 - 12750MHz

    The Ku-band Multi-Channel Satellite Simulator simultaneously talks to two sets of ground equipment, enabling the user to run extensive and prolonged tests without the need to go 'live' on a satellite.

    The system is supplied as a three-part solution - a base unit and two terminals. The bench unit can be both local and remote, ethernet control and connected by a power cable.

    The two transponders are inter-connected - each capable of communicating with a fixed or mobile terminal in a choice of either X, Ku, DBS, Ka and Q bands and with the ability to vary the path attenuation.

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50 ohm SMA
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