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Custom Build RF Test Equipment, Components & Waveguide Products


If you have a custom design requirement, please contact us directly and we can work with you to define the product or even technical specifications you require. From this starting point we will then evaluate if it is within our capabilities, complete an outline design and prepare a firm price quotation. From this point, all we need is a PO to start. As the project progresses, we will keep you involved in the design and build process.

Custom Build RF Test Equipment

While Atlantic Microwave offers ranges of standard products for use in satellite communications and general laboratory test and measurement, many of our customers require bespoke solutions which we are able to address in a variety of different ways.

We work closely with our customers to arrive at the optimum in performance and cost effectiveness either from an overall specification or from a customer driven block diagram or as a build-to-print project.
Satcom range

RF Components

We recognise that not every application can be satisfied with a standard product and, therefore, many of the components we supply are either variations of standard products or completely custom in design.

Waveguide Components

We also provide an extensive range of standard and custom waveguide components.

Many are in waveguide sizes from WR770 to WR3 and include, bends, twists, straight sections, flexible and twistable assemblies, couplers, tees, attenuators, adapters, antennas, horns, mixers, amplifiers, oscillators, phase shifters, isolators and circulators.

Whether your waveguide requirement is for narrow band or full waveguide band, high or low power, for use in a controlled or in a pressurised environment, just contact the Atlantic Microwave sales office for details of available products.