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  • Description

    The PTF 3300A TymeMaster provides a fully IEEE 1588-2008 PTP v2 compliant Grandmaster Clock. In Master mode PTF 3300A is able to synchronize one step clocks and two-step clocks, provides management messages (TLV) and includes a variety of pre-loaded profiles available for user selection.

    Offering either AC or DC input power (or optionally both) the PTF 3300A is the product of choice when the requirement exists for simple, yet precise transmission of time and frequency is required.

    In Boundary Clock mode the PTF 3300A give unprecedented performance with the possibility of unlimited fan-out for large networks.

    The performance of TymeMaster benefits from the decades of time and frequency experience of the Precise Time and Frequency team and delivers the latest advances in technology in a user oriented package.

  • Device Features
    • Stratum 1 Reference Clock
    • Increased Precision Hardware Time Stamping
    • Multiple Input Sources: GNS - GPS, Galileo, Glonass, QZSS, IRNSS, SBAS, Beidou; External - 1PPS, 10MHz, Time Code
    • Multiple PTP Outputs: Four GBit PTP Ports; PTP SFP output
    • Management Ports: RJ45 Remote Monitor/Control; USB Console Port
    • Signal Outputs: 10MHz, 1PPS
    • Redundant Power: DC or AC options
    • Status Display on Front Panel
    • Multiple Profiles Available as Standard: Default, Telecom, Power, SMPTE; Others optional
    • High Quality Internal OCXO: Provides exceptional stability; Extended holdover capability
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