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Bench Mounted Satellite Simulator Equipment

Bespoke Bench Satellite Simulator with Engineer

Atlantic Microwave’s range of Bench Instrumentation Satellite Simulators enable RF testing of mobile satellite communication systems without the need of cabling, providing a loop-back test for Satcom terminals without the need to access the satellite. 

The bench mounted instrumentation products offer portability and space saving opportunities as do not require a 19” rack system.



The Multi-Channel Satellite Simulator simultaneously talks to two sets of ground equipment. It is supplied as a three-part solution - a base unit and two terminals. The bench unit can be both local and remote, ethernet control and connected by a power cable.

The two transponders are inter-connected - each capable of communicating with a fixed or mobile terminal in a choice of the following frequencies and with the:
Ka-band TX – Ka-band RX
Ku-band TX – Ku-band RX
X-band TX – X-band RX
Q-band TX – K-band RX

Synthesised or fixed Local Oscillator options. Ability to vary the path attenuation.
Multi channel bench satsim


Designed to provide a loop-back test for vehicle mounted Ku Band antenna. Comprised of two units, the satellite simulator is either bench or portable, thereby facilitating the testing and calibration of news gathering and outside broadcast systems off-satellite.

The base control unit is a convenient, portable bench instrument with the capability of both local and remote, ethernet control and this is connected to a wall or mast mounted transponder via a power and data cable.

Uplink Frequency Range: 14000 - 14500MHz Downlink Frequency Range: 10700 - 12750MHz

Synthesised Local Oscillator.
Ku band bench satsim

Benefits of Bench Satellite Simulators

Tests SNG Systems Off Satellite 

  • Covers all Ku Band SNG Frequencies Depot Based or Portable 
  • Easy and Quick Operation 
  • Ethernet and Local Controls 
  • Fully Turnkey 

Atlantic also offer a range of portable – battery powered and Ruggedised satellite simulators.


Bespoke and Custom Build Satcom RF Test Equipment

While Atlantic Microwave offers ranges of standard products for use in satellite communications and general laboratory test and measurement, many of our customers require bespoke solutions which we are able to address in a variety of different ways. 

We work closely with our customers to arrive at the optimum in performance and cost effectiveness either from an overall specification or from a customer driven block diagram or as a build-to-print project.