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Bench Instrument Broadband Noise Generator

Atlantic Microwave’s Bench Instrument Noise Generators provide up to 1 watt of white Gaussian noise output in several models over the 10Hz to 18GHz frequency range and are designed to be used either as laboratory instruments or as built-in system test facilities. The noise, which is diode generated, is amplified and the level can be manually adjusted via the front panel in 1dB steps from 0 to 10dB or optionally in 0.1dB steps from 0 to 101dB.

The bench mounted instrumentation products offer portability and space saving opportunities as do not require a 19” rack system.

Bench Noise Generator
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Benefits of Bench Instrument Broadband Noise Generators

White Symmetrical Gaussian Noise

High Output, up to +30dBm

Test Instrument

Fine attenuation Control

Flat Output

Standard and Custom Options


Atlantic also offer a range of 19" Rack Mounted Ethernet Controlled Noise Generators.

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